Tutor Me After 3 offers a full service premier academic experience for students of all ages.  From K-12  enrichment to college preparation, we pride ourselves on being able to fully understand our students needs and customize programs to help them achieve their individualized goals.  Unlike most other companies, Tutor Me After 3 only hires certified teachers and advisors within the local district to make sure our students are receiving premier education and getting the best academic advantage possible.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Customized One-On-One Tutoring
  • Only hire local certified teachers and advisors
  • Immediate ability to understand students strengths & weaknesses

  • Focused and educated team dynamic
  • Award-winning standardized test prep programs
  • Ability to enhance students’ perception on learning and achieving

Our Team


Ashley Benanti

CEO, Master Tutor (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT,ETC)


Victor Kipiani

Business Director

John Santoro

SAT/ACT Specialist
K-12 Subjects Master


Alexander Alvarez

SAT/ACT Specialist
English, Math,Reading, & Writing Master


Stephen Lysak

SAT/ACT Specialist,
Mathematics Master


Michael Dziuba

Essay Writing Specialist
Admissions Counselor

New Project

Peter Jacklin

Chemistry Specialist


Lloyd Dodwell

Harvard Graduate and College Advisor


Lisa Angiulli

K-12 Reading and Writing Specialist
Admissions Counselor


Jennifer Bruinooge

AP/H English and College Advisor


Anthony Salemo

SAT/ACT Specialist, Mathematics Specialist, Bio, Physics, Statistics