The Crash Course: (ACT/SAT)

Using a condensed version of our award-winning ACT/SAT programs, our specialists are able to teach students only the most essential information for either test within just 2 short days.  This crash course can be used to supplement one-on-one tutoring or in isolation to give students a last-minute edge.



Our award-winning ACT/SAT program has proven its dominance within the industry, as we’ve been named the Best of Bergen and consistently raise standardized test scores amongst our students. Through our program, students have received scores that enabled their acceptance into some of the best colleges across the country, including Harvard, Princeton, Colgate, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, and many more. The trick is not only to make sure they understand the material, but that they can acclimate to the conditions and rigors that they will encounter on test day. Instead of giving our students the same cookie-cutter approach to standardized test prep, our certified specialists will design a customized program based on their strengths and weaknesses. We believe that every student deserves a unique learning experience tailored to their academic needs, so they can flourish on test day.


High School Placement Test (HSPT)/Cooperative Admissions Examination (COOP) Program

The HSPT/COOP measures the performance and compatibility of 8th grade students who are striving to enroll in Catholic high schools throughout the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Our teachers are professionally trained to manage and prep our students to exceed the expectations of the parochial schools’ stringent acceptance processes.



The SAT II is a set of more than 20 tests that focus on one particular subject area within your student’s curriculum (ie English, Sciences, History, etc.). Their purpose is to improve a college applicant’s credentials, from an admissions standpoint, by showcasing a student’s skills within a specific subject area.  Our team of instructors are trained to prep in any SAT II test subject and have helped hundreds of students showcase their academic skills to colleges across the United States.


For More Standardized Tests

Please fill out an application and we’ll make sure to get back to you with a teacher who can accommodate your needs.