K-12 Academic Enrichment


At Tutor Me After 3, we believe the most important and effective way to increase a student’s academic ability is to stimulate their minds at the earliest stage possible. With the help of over 15 certified district teachers, we help our students acquire the basic educational framework and challenge their minds to think outside-the-box. The specialists at TMA3 understand that educating should never be experienced as a “cookie cutter” approach. This is why we pride ourselves on our customized academic models and our ability to intrigue students in their work both inside and outside of the classroom. Our diverse team of educators are able to identify the student’s strengths
and weaknesses from day one and build a comprehensive plan specifically tailored to meet their needs.

Students can utilize our facility to study independently or take advantage of our subject specialists in order to get their work done correctly and on time.



Elementary School

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Middle School


High School

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