Elementary School


Start middle school off on the right foot and introduce your young student’s mind to the foundation of education by taking advantage of our fully customizable elementary school program. Rather than forcing our students to mold their academic capacities around a set model, our certified educators are able to pinpoint compromised subject areas and focus the student’s energy to overcome their deepest frustrations

Day in and day out we are constantly faced with the issue of students who are simply not being taught/reinforced the fundamentals of elementary education. From their first session, we assess the student’s abilities in reading/phonics, writing, mathematics and study skills to ensure that by the time they are ready to go to middle school, they have the tools needed to conquer yet another chapter of their scholastic journey.

Focus Areas

– Letter formation
– Sound recognition
– Reading comprehension
– Memorization

– Grammar
– Sentence Construction
– Paragraph Construction
– Punctuation
– Cursive
– Letter Writing

– Fractions
– Multiplication
– Decimals
– Addition
– Subtraction
– Division
– Number Formation
– Angles

– Time Management
– Reference Sourcing
– Documenting Information
– Information Filtering
– Attentive Focus

– True Stories and Folk Tales from America and from Around the World
– Massachusetts and its Cities and Towns: Geography and History
– North American Geography with Optional Standards for One Early Civilization
– United States History, Geography, Economics, and Government: Early Exploration to Westward Movement
– Etc.


– Earth’s Materials
– The Weather
– The Sun as a Source of Light and Heat
– Rocks and Their Properties
– The Water Cycle
– Earth’s History
– Etc.