“Write to College” Consulting

Write to College-Essay & Application Program

Our custom approach has been successful for over 18 years, helping students not only get into their top colleges and grad schools, but receiving millions of dollars worth of scholarships and academic merits. We consult families and students in tandem in order to figure out how to merge the wants, needs, and aspirations for both parties. The Write to College team truly becomes family as each student’s application becomes our own journey to take with you, and together, finding the best recipe for success.

How do we do this?

The Write to College team at TMA has years of admissions experience; Ashley learns about a student in-depth before figuring out the “story” that they will cohesively convey to the college admission team. We plan out each and every detail of who a student is, both past and present, and tie all of that up in a beautiful and comprehensive bow to deliver as a true showstopper.

Goals of Program

  1. Secure a balanced list of colleges that ensure that not only the “name” of the school is represented, but financial, academic, social and also geographical location are considered in final lists.
  2. Brainstorm and help to create a strong activity list; we work to ensure that activities are mirroring the story we want to tell about student, and not just a random set of activities completed throughout high school
  3. Develop timelines for each school application and discuss strategies for whether each school will be submitted EA, ED, or regular decision.
  4. Master the art of the college interview
  5. Brainstorm the dreaded personal or “Common App” essay; help structure, plan, and edit for a perfect final draft that shows college who they are accepting into their school.
  6. Assist with supplemental essays, making sure student’s voice is heard even when the question or prompt sometimes makes it difficult to let that voice shine.
  7. Submit applications together and when decisions come back, we reunite, figuring out the best overall package for the student, based on merit money, and admitted programs.
  8. **Provide guidance for recruited athletes.
  9. **Provide guidance for students with special needs
  10. **Provide guidance for homeschooled high schoolers

**May only apply to a select few.

Please note that we only take a limited amount of students for this comprehensive program each year and if interested, its best to call or contact us to save a spot.

A la Carte Consulting Services

If the full Essay & Application Program is not the right fit for your family, Write to College offers a la carte consulting for any area or areas of the college admission process. If you simply need an essay edited, need extra interview prep, or maybe just want to focus on writing the college essay and supplements from scratch, we are available to assist in those areas for custom fees.

Call or contact us to find out how we can help serve you during this upcoming college admission season.