College Programs

A la Carte College Advising

Let Tutor Me After 3 do it all….or just an essay or two. Our A la Carte program allows students the luxury to pick and choose where they would like us to step in and aid them through the college application process. Whether your student’s dream school is a community or ivy league institution, all applications need a unique touch to seperate themselves from the tens of thousands of competitors they will face each year.

The College Application Academy

Led by a team of admissions professionals, your student will complete the entire college application process with a team of highly qualified specialists. During the clinic, students will:

  • submit all of their applications
  • select their individualized safety, target and reach college list
  • complete all essays and supplements
  • create activity lists and resumes
  • fill out guidance forms and send all standardized test scores

For almost a decade, our team has helped hundreds of students get into colleges across the country with millions of dollars worth of scholarships and academic merits.