Middle School


Now that your tiny tike has graduated elementary education, their middle school career is now taking off and at FULL STEAM!  They will be soon to find that the demand for middle school education will be incrementally more demanding than their previous years of elementary school.  As the students start to develop a larger sense of self awareness and independence, his or her scholastic skills will be put to the test and their social life will begin to flourish.  These three years will arguably provide the most important milestone to your students academic future as they will encounter a higher volume of homework, consistent test and quizzes, and a larger dependency on their classroom teachers.

Let our team of top level educators keep your student on track and ready for anything that comes their way.  Our award-winning customizable middle school program gives your student the freedom to quickly pivot and focus their energy on pop quizzes, standardized tests, and midterms/finals as their demanding schedule progresses.

Focus Areas

– Comprehension and Application
– Critical Thinking
– Retention Rate
– Literary Understanding

-Ratios and Proportional Relationships
-The Number System
-Expressions and Equations
-Statistics and Probability

– Reports
– Test Essays
– Usage of Writing
– Adapting Writing Style

– Word Construction
– Synonyms and Antonyms
– Contextual Understanding

– General Science
– Earth Science
– Mapping the Earth
– Earth’s Structure
– Heat Transfer in the Earth System
– Earth’s History
– The Earth in the Solar System
– Classification of Organisms
– Structure and Function of Cells
– Systems in Living Things
– Reproduction and Heredity
– Evolution and Biodiversity
– Living Things and Their Environment
– Changes in Ecosystems Over Time
– Energy and Living Things

-Study Life Balance
-Organization & Time Management
-Improved Test Taking Ability
-Stamina Building
-Refined Study Strategies

-World Geography
-Ancient and Classical Civilizations in the Mediterranean to the Fall of the Roman Empire Ideas that Shaped History
-World History I: The World from the Fall of Rome through the Enlightenment
-World History II: The Rise of the Nation State to the Present
-U.S. History I: The Revolution through Reconstruction, 1763–1877 64 U.S.
-History II: Reconstruction to the Present, 1877–2001