As cute and cuddly as your little learner is, you still want to make sure that their tiny brains are being stimulated with education.  Whether its seasonal projects, arts and crafts, or stimulating brain games, this is a crucial time for your child to improve their cognitive abilities such as the introduction of the alphabet and vocabulary development.  While at the first stages of their development, our focus is to introduce your little student to the building blocks of education using real life experiences and preparing them for their first steps into elementary school.  Our certified teachers and early intervention specialists are focused on creating a comfortable and exciting environment for the kids to explore this new world of education and have fun in the process.

Focus Areas

  • Cognitive Development
  • Introduction to the Alphabet
  • Shape & Size Recognition
  • Reading

  • Principals of Classroom Edict
  • Socializing Skills
  • Memory Exercises
  • Writing
  • Extra Curricular Exercises