2020 School Year Programs

Tutor Me After 3 has an option for everyone this September.

Many parents are worried not only about their students’ academic and health needs, but how they will juggle their own work during these trying times. Tutor Me After 3 has an option for everyone this September.  Times have changed and we pride ourselves on trying to make your life as a parent as easy as possible.

Whether your student is homeschooling, attending virtually or staying on the traditional track, we have customizable options for you:

Drop In Program (K-12)

*Times Subject to Change Based on District Decisions*


Monday – Thursday 

9:00am – 5:30pm

This popular program is the solution for any working parent. Tutors guide your student through their remote school day, ensuring that they complete each lesson, prepare for tests and quizzes and complete homework assignments. Or students can just “Drop-in” for anything that they may need a little extra help on. Parents can drop off their student for 30 minutes or all four hours, depending on their work schedule or students’ workload. Conveniently scheduled right after school, until the time most parents get home from work. When your workday as a parent is over, we want it to truly be over!

Pod Learning

$20/hr per student, groups of 5+

$30/hr per student, groups of 4 or less

Do you have a “quarantining” group of 8 or less? Do you want a certified specialist to guide your students through their curriculum? Reserve time at our beautiful Wyckoff or Wayne locations, either daily or weekly, and reintegrate socialization back into academics.

*minimum 1 month commitment*

Custom Individual Tutoring


For students who prefer that customized one-on-one attention either in the comfort of their home or at one of our flagship locations, we have K-12 specialists on call for you. Our individual tutoring packages allow educators to laser focus on your student’s strengths/weaknesses and raise the bar for academic success.  

*includes assignment of specialist and direct access to all team members*